About Us

Hi there! We’re Julian and Rachel Wood and we’re building a tiny house!

We lived in Somerville, MA for nearly a decade and loved our city, but we also craved space, silence, and the woods. We stumbled across the tiny house movement a few years ago and were really impressed with the efforts people were taking to build something small, sustainable, and high-quality. We both love to make things and decided in October 2016 to start building our Mouse House on Julian’s parent’s farm in Farmington, ME. We now live in Amesbury, MA and while we have a bit more space, we are still going up to the farm as much as possible.

We both grew up in do-it-yourself households and really love making things with our hands. By day, Julian’s a mechanical engineer and Rachel’s a graphic designer, so we’ve started with helpful and complementary skill sets. We’ve also had wonderful help from Julian’s mom, Victoria Blaine, who’s amazing  design skills and sense of space has really helped us develop our drawing. Visit victoriablainedesign.com to see what we mean!

And, in case you’re interested, Julian can be found on LinkedIn and Rachel at racheleeva.com.

Or, reach out to us here: